Saturday, 9 March 2013


Rogue Cyberman uses his claims of owning missing episodes of Doctor Who as a means of promoting his Time Girl Katie website. Despite being asked on numerous occasions to provide proof of the material he supposedly has, he continually refuses to do so - stating that if he were to post screenshots of the missing episodes then "everyone and his dog would steal the images and claim that they had the episodes in their possession".

This is inspite of the fact that he'd previously had the claimed-yet-unproven missing episodes available to download in the private members area of his friend "Katie's" website. (see here) A "private members area" of which you need to provide your credit card details as proof of age, to get a "sex-key" to allow you access.

He claims that "Katie" is a close personal friend, and that he came into contact with her when she was 17 years old, after she followed him on twitter. He says that Katie had been propositioned by a "dodgy photographer" who wanted to take photographs of her, and build a website around them.

He says, after speaking with and meeting Katie's parents, ideas were discussed and it was arranged that photographs would be taken & the Time Girl Katie website would be set up. (Link to the page on his website).

However, a little bit of simple investigating reveals that "Katie" isn't all that Rogue Cyberman claims her to be. In 2010, before his Cyberman-guise, he ran a website called Great British Escorts. The website provided pornographic material and escort services within the UK. To join was "free", but you needed to provide your credit card details as proof of age to get (you've guessed it) a "sex-key" to allow you access - the EXACT same set-up as the "Katie" website.

Seemingly, the Great British Escorts website soon gained a bad reputation online, and by June 2012 it had changed its name to Private UK Escorts. If you go to you'll see that it does redirect to the Private UK Escorts site.

Now here's the interesting bit.

Using the Wayback Machine website, you can look at archived pages of old websites. If you look at the archive for Great British Escorts in June 2010, you will see two girls who are supposedly named "Fiona & Sam", stating that they are both 19 years old. (See here) "Fiona" is quite obviously "Katie". How strange that in 2010 "Fiona/Katie" is stated to be 19 years old, yet two years later in 2012 incredibly she has aged backwards and is 18.....

Searching further using the Wayback Machine, we can look at May 2011. (See here) "Fiona" is now being called "Katie", and offers rather graphic descriptions of the "services" she provides - apparently at £50 an hour. Not quite the innocent "whovian fangirl" that she's portrayed to be in the Time Girl Katie website is she??

Further investigation also reveals that "Katie" is also on another escort site (See here) which is also believed to be run by Rogue Cyberman, as it links to her page on the Private UK Escorts site. (See here)

So just who is "Katie"?? Is she a real person known by Rogue Cyberman?? Honestly, we don't know. The facts of this situation though, are that "Katie" is not all that she's claimed to be, and Rogue Cyberman is trying to con people into thinking she's something that she isn't.

He is trying to peddle porn to the Doctor Who fanbase, by using the pretence of him having "missing episodes" of Doctor Who, as a means to gain followers to his twitter account - which  then in turn is used to tweet links to his Time Girl Katie site.


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