Tuesday, 19 March 2013


When Poppy Flintlock first appeared on twitter, her bio stated that she was a "Doctor Who fan and soon to be blogger. Currently writing a book about the missing Doctor Who episodes that were wiped by the BBC". She urged people to follow her - and that happened, with her follower numbers rising daily.

Many Doctor Who fans followed her - including many children. She claimed that she wanted to give her book away for free, on her blog. This mysterious blog never actually materialised, as she supposedly encountered "technical difficulties", and had apparent concern over the usage of copyrighted pictures. She then claimed that her site had been hacked, by Doctor Who "bullies" that didn't like female Doctor Who fans.

On the weekend of 16th March 2013, it was revealed that the pictures of "Poppy" were actually from a set of pornographic images of a model called "Tara". (See here). When this happened, "Poppy" went surprisingly quiet on twitter - until she returned on March 19th, along with a new bio.

Now she claims to be an "Amateur internet model and massive Doctor Who fan". She links to her blog, where she says people can enjoy her "photos and videos".

The obvious intention behind the creation of "Poppy" was to draw Doctor Who fans in and get them to follow her, on the seemingly innocent pretence that she was starting a blog & writing a book - and then when "she" had enough followers, change tact and guide it down the smut-porn route.

One thing's for sure, "Poppy" is certainly not real. There's someone hiding behind the mask, using pictures of the "Tara" model - and it's absolutely DISGUSTING that this person is utilising Doctor Who fandom to play this sordid little game, particularly as many of the followers gained are young Doctor Who fans.

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