Saturday, 16 March 2013


At the end of February 2013, Rogue Cyberman temporarily took his blog and twitter offline, along with the Time Girl Katie website and the twitter account associated with it. Upon his online return, he claimed that he had taken them offline "to make sure everything was watertight".

During this downtime, Poppy Flintlock appeared on twitter, with a bio stating "Doctor Who fan and soon to be blogger. Currently writing a book about the missing Doctor Who episodes that were wiped by the BBC". She was almost immediately called out as being fake, and accused of being a sockpuppet of Rogue Cyberman.

She very quickly started pointing the finger at people, saying she was being "bullied". Twitter users suggested that she could prove her identity, by posting a picture of herself holding a card with her twitter username written on it. She refused, claiming that it would be demeaning, and that if she did that then people would use the picture for their own purposes.

As a compromise, she posted an uncropped version of her profile picture, along with an apparent two further pictures from within her kitchen.

Inspite of her insistence of being a real and genuine person, it has now been proven that Poppy's profile picture is in fact taken from a set of pictures of a model named "Tara", that are featured on a website called Ass Galleries, as can be seen in the screengrab below.

Further investigation reveals the uncropped images that "Poppy" posted of her kitchen.

So, quite simply, "Poppy Flintlock" is FAKE.

Please read further info on the Poppy Flintlock con in my other article. (Here).

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