Thursday, 25 April 2013


When "Poppy Flintlock" first appeared on twitter she was an apparent shy "Doctor Who fan and soon to be blogger. Currently writing a book about the missing Doctor Who episodes that were wiped by the BBC", who wasn't wanting to even upload a profile picture.

She was accused of being fake, and said that these "bullies" just wanted her to get naked for them. She made it quite clear that she wasn't built to "take off my clothes" and that "idiots out there are expecting me to suddenly strip or something". 

In 2 short months though, she has gone from being an apparent "Doctor Who fan with a blog" to someone with an 18+ blog "members area", and is now advertising themselves as an escort.

Of course, the whole thing is a scam. "Poppy" doesn't actually exist. She's a made-up character created by the person who calls themself "RogueCyberman" (see here). He runs the "Private UK Escorts" website (formally known as "Great British Escorts") (see here for more info on that & the timegirlkatie con).

Everything that "RogueCyberman" does is designed to get people to hand over their credit card details, and sign-up for the (supposedly free) age-verification"sex-key".

On the "Private UK Escorts" site, you are told that if you sign-up for a sex-key then you will be given access to "Poppy's" private phone number. This of course is impossible, because Poppy doesn't actually exist. All the pictures of her are actually taken from a 2010 photoset of a model called "Tara". (see here).

Poppy Flintlock, TimeGirlKatie/NextDoorKatie, RogueCyberman - they're ALL the same person. They're all one man, out to con people.