Thursday, 25 April 2013


When "Poppy Flintlock" first appeared on twitter she was an apparent shy "Doctor Who fan and soon to be blogger. Currently writing a book about the missing Doctor Who episodes that were wiped by the BBC", who wasn't wanting to even upload a profile picture.

She was accused of being fake, and said that these "bullies" just wanted her to get naked for them. She made it quite clear that she wasn't built to "take off my clothes" and that "idiots out there are expecting me to suddenly strip or something". 

In 2 short months though, she has gone from being an apparent "Doctor Who fan with a blog" to someone with an 18+ blog "members area", and is now advertising themselves as an escort.

Of course, the whole thing is a scam. "Poppy" doesn't actually exist. She's a made-up character created by the person who calls themself "RogueCyberman" (see here). He runs the "Private UK Escorts" website (formally known as "Great British Escorts") (see here for more info on that & the timegirlkatie con).

Everything that "RogueCyberman" does is designed to get people to hand over their credit card details, and sign-up for the (supposedly free) age-verification"sex-key".

On the "Private UK Escorts" site, you are told that if you sign-up for a sex-key then you will be given access to "Poppy's" private phone number. This of course is impossible, because Poppy doesn't actually exist. All the pictures of her are actually taken from a 2010 photoset of a model called "Tara". (see here).

Poppy Flintlock, TimeGirlKatie/NextDoorKatie, RogueCyberman - they're ALL the same person. They're all one man, out to con people.

Thursday, 21 March 2013


Internet porn-peddler RogueCyberman and proven fake Poppy Flintlock (see here) have had a troubled relationship on twitter. When she first appeared on the site, he claimed that she was fake, and had been created by the "old guard" to use as a new target. (Whatever that means).

Poppy Flintlock responded, accusing RogueCyberman of being "as crazy as people say you are".

Twitter users put it to RogueCyberman that he was Poppy Flintlock. He replied, saying that if he were creating sock puppet domains, and had created Poppy Flintlock then why would he use the same registar and privacy service that she was using?? He then asked Poppy Flintlock and "NervaEcho" (another believed to be fake sock-puppet account) that the game was up, and they should tell everyone who they really are...

On the 3rd of March 2013, RogueCyberman claimed that Poppy Flintlock was a sockpuppet built by the old guard - a group of Whovians who "don't like people like Time Girl Katie (see here about her) shaking things up".

On the 8th of March 2013, RogueCyberman accused Poppy of being a puppet of the Doctor Who Online website.

He continued to accuse Poppy as being a sockpuppet created by Doctor Who Online.

 On the 16th of March, it was revealed the profile picture of Poppy & the (cropped) pictures of her kitchen, were actually taken from a series of photos of a model named "Tara". (See here). RogueCyberman seemed to want the credit for the revelation of Poppy being a fake, and claimed that it was he who had given the links of the pictures, to the "old guard".

He continued to say that Poppy was a sockpuppet of Doctor Who Online.

On the 19th of March, after being proved a fake (See here), Poppy returned to twitter with a new bio - claiming now that she was an "amateur internet model". Unsurprisingly her blog featured pictures of her with her clothes off.

Rather predictably, she very quickly became friends with Time Girl Katie (the twitter & website of which are run by RogueCyberman), and they started cross-promoting eachothers sites.

And then, to top it off, RogueCyberman tweeted a link to Poppy Flintlock's website - even though previously he had quite adamantly accused her of being a sockpuppet of Doctor Who Online!!!

RogueCyberman, TimeGirlKatie, PoppyFlintlock - they're all the same person. They're not real. They're all one man. Don't be taken in by this liar.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Proven fake Poppy Flintlock claims on her website, "All of the photos were taken by a friend of mine using my shiny new iPad".

This is quite astounding, and she must have the ability to time-travel, because her photos appear on a website where the upload date is shown as being August 2010. (See here - Not suitable for children)

Poppy Flintlock is a fake. The pictures that are being used of her are actually of a model called Tara, and have been on the internet for over 2 and a half years.

Don't be taken in by this fraudster.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


When Poppy Flintlock first appeared on twitter, her bio stated that she was a "Doctor Who fan and soon to be blogger. Currently writing a book about the missing Doctor Who episodes that were wiped by the BBC". She urged people to follow her - and that happened, with her follower numbers rising daily.

Many Doctor Who fans followed her - including many children. She claimed that she wanted to give her book away for free, on her blog. This mysterious blog never actually materialised, as she supposedly encountered "technical difficulties", and had apparent concern over the usage of copyrighted pictures. She then claimed that her site had been hacked, by Doctor Who "bullies" that didn't like female Doctor Who fans.

On the weekend of 16th March 2013, it was revealed that the pictures of "Poppy" were actually from a set of pornographic images of a model called "Tara". (See here). When this happened, "Poppy" went surprisingly quiet on twitter - until she returned on March 19th, along with a new bio.

Now she claims to be an "Amateur internet model and massive Doctor Who fan". She links to her blog, where she says people can enjoy her "photos and videos".

The obvious intention behind the creation of "Poppy" was to draw Doctor Who fans in and get them to follow her, on the seemingly innocent pretence that she was starting a blog & writing a book - and then when "she" had enough followers, change tact and guide it down the smut-porn route.

One thing's for sure, "Poppy" is certainly not real. There's someone hiding behind the mask, using pictures of the "Tara" model - and it's absolutely DISGUSTING that this person is utilising Doctor Who fandom to play this sordid little game, particularly as many of the followers gained are young Doctor Who fans.

Monday, 18 March 2013


I've learnt today that if you get too close to the truth about RogueCyberman, he blocks you to prevent you asking further questions.

I questioned him on twitter today regarding "Katie", and how her pictures appear on an escort blog from 2010.

He claimed that Katie's pictures were stolen, and that if it was him that ran the "Great British Escorts" website then why would he leave the pictures on it??

I put it to him that seeing as the URL of the original site had changed, then it's possible that he's now unable to get the archive of it removed. OR, if he is able to get it removed, it's probable that he allows it to remain to add credence to the story of "stolen pictures". 

I then went on to ask him, that if the pictures were stolen, then why hadn't he or Katie sought legal action to get them removed?? He claimed that they had issued a DMCA complaint, but that the webhost didn't comply.

I then asked him about "Anna", who is also on the Time Girl Katie site. She appears elsewhere online as "Jasmine". I never received an answer to that question, because unfortunately it seemed like RogueCyberman had had enough of being questioned, and proceeded to BLOCK me on twitter.

When you pick out the flaws in RogueCyberman's arguments, he gets very rattled, and runs away like the coward that he is.

Saturday, 16 March 2013


At the end of February 2013, Rogue Cyberman temporarily took his blog and twitter offline, along with the Time Girl Katie website and the twitter account associated with it. Upon his online return, he claimed that he had taken them offline "to make sure everything was watertight".

During this downtime, Poppy Flintlock appeared on twitter, with a bio stating "Doctor Who fan and soon to be blogger. Currently writing a book about the missing Doctor Who episodes that were wiped by the BBC". She was almost immediately called out as being fake, and accused of being a sockpuppet of Rogue Cyberman.

She very quickly started pointing the finger at people, saying she was being "bullied". Twitter users suggested that she could prove her identity, by posting a picture of herself holding a card with her twitter username written on it. She refused, claiming that it would be demeaning, and that if she did that then people would use the picture for their own purposes.

As a compromise, she posted an uncropped version of her profile picture, along with an apparent two further pictures from within her kitchen.

Inspite of her insistence of being a real and genuine person, it has now been proven that Poppy's profile picture is in fact taken from a set of pictures of a model named "Tara", that are featured on a website called Ass Galleries, as can be seen in the screengrab below.

Further investigation reveals the uncropped images that "Poppy" posted of her kitchen.

So, quite simply, "Poppy Flintlock" is FAKE.

Please read further info on the Poppy Flintlock con in my other article. (Here).

Saturday, 9 March 2013


Rogue Cyberman uses his claims of owning missing episodes of Doctor Who as a means of promoting his Time Girl Katie website. Despite being asked on numerous occasions to provide proof of the material he supposedly has, he continually refuses to do so - stating that if he were to post screenshots of the missing episodes then "everyone and his dog would steal the images and claim that they had the episodes in their possession".

This is inspite of the fact that he'd previously had the claimed-yet-unproven missing episodes available to download in the private members area of his friend "Katie's" website. (see here) A "private members area" of which you need to provide your credit card details as proof of age, to get a "sex-key" to allow you access.

He claims that "Katie" is a close personal friend, and that he came into contact with her when she was 17 years old, after she followed him on twitter. He says that Katie had been propositioned by a "dodgy photographer" who wanted to take photographs of her, and build a website around them.

He says, after speaking with and meeting Katie's parents, ideas were discussed and it was arranged that photographs would be taken & the Time Girl Katie website would be set up. (Link to the page on his website).

However, a little bit of simple investigating reveals that "Katie" isn't all that Rogue Cyberman claims her to be. In 2010, before his Cyberman-guise, he ran a website called Great British Escorts. The website provided pornographic material and escort services within the UK. To join was "free", but you needed to provide your credit card details as proof of age to get (you've guessed it) a "sex-key" to allow you access - the EXACT same set-up as the "Katie" website.

Seemingly, the Great British Escorts website soon gained a bad reputation online, and by June 2012 it had changed its name to Private UK Escorts. If you go to you'll see that it does redirect to the Private UK Escorts site.

Now here's the interesting bit.

Using the Wayback Machine website, you can look at archived pages of old websites. If you look at the archive for Great British Escorts in June 2010, you will see two girls who are supposedly named "Fiona & Sam", stating that they are both 19 years old. (See here) "Fiona" is quite obviously "Katie". How strange that in 2010 "Fiona/Katie" is stated to be 19 years old, yet two years later in 2012 incredibly she has aged backwards and is 18.....

Searching further using the Wayback Machine, we can look at May 2011. (See here) "Fiona" is now being called "Katie", and offers rather graphic descriptions of the "services" she provides - apparently at £50 an hour. Not quite the innocent "whovian fangirl" that she's portrayed to be in the Time Girl Katie website is she??

Further investigation also reveals that "Katie" is also on another escort site (See here) which is also believed to be run by Rogue Cyberman, as it links to her page on the Private UK Escorts site. (See here)

So just who is "Katie"?? Is she a real person known by Rogue Cyberman?? Honestly, we don't know. The facts of this situation though, are that "Katie" is not all that she's claimed to be, and Rogue Cyberman is trying to con people into thinking she's something that she isn't.

He is trying to peddle porn to the Doctor Who fanbase, by using the pretence of him having "missing episodes" of Doctor Who, as a means to gain followers to his twitter account - which  then in turn is used to tweet links to his Time Girl Katie site.