Thursday, 21 March 2013


Internet porn-peddler RogueCyberman and proven fake Poppy Flintlock (see here) have had a troubled relationship on twitter. When she first appeared on the site, he claimed that she was fake, and had been created by the "old guard" to use as a new target. (Whatever that means).

Poppy Flintlock responded, accusing RogueCyberman of being "as crazy as people say you are".

Twitter users put it to RogueCyberman that he was Poppy Flintlock. He replied, saying that if he were creating sock puppet domains, and had created Poppy Flintlock then why would he use the same registar and privacy service that she was using?? He then asked Poppy Flintlock and "NervaEcho" (another believed to be fake sock-puppet account) that the game was up, and they should tell everyone who they really are...

On the 3rd of March 2013, RogueCyberman claimed that Poppy Flintlock was a sockpuppet built by the old guard - a group of Whovians who "don't like people like Time Girl Katie (see here about her) shaking things up".

On the 8th of March 2013, RogueCyberman accused Poppy of being a puppet of the Doctor Who Online website.

He continued to accuse Poppy as being a sockpuppet created by Doctor Who Online.

 On the 16th of March, it was revealed the profile picture of Poppy & the (cropped) pictures of her kitchen, were actually taken from a series of photos of a model named "Tara". (See here). RogueCyberman seemed to want the credit for the revelation of Poppy being a fake, and claimed that it was he who had given the links of the pictures, to the "old guard".

He continued to say that Poppy was a sockpuppet of Doctor Who Online.

On the 19th of March, after being proved a fake (See here), Poppy returned to twitter with a new bio - claiming now that she was an "amateur internet model". Unsurprisingly her blog featured pictures of her with her clothes off.

Rather predictably, she very quickly became friends with Time Girl Katie (the twitter & website of which are run by RogueCyberman), and they started cross-promoting eachothers sites.

And then, to top it off, RogueCyberman tweeted a link to Poppy Flintlock's website - even though previously he had quite adamantly accused her of being a sockpuppet of Doctor Who Online!!!

RogueCyberman, TimeGirlKatie, PoppyFlintlock - they're all the same person. They're not real. They're all one man. Don't be taken in by this liar.

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