Monday, 18 March 2013


I've learnt today that if you get too close to the truth about RogueCyberman, he blocks you to prevent you asking further questions.

I questioned him on twitter today regarding "Katie", and how her pictures appear on an escort blog from 2010.

He claimed that Katie's pictures were stolen, and that if it was him that ran the "Great British Escorts" website then why would he leave the pictures on it??

I put it to him that seeing as the URL of the original site had changed, then it's possible that he's now unable to get the archive of it removed. OR, if he is able to get it removed, it's probable that he allows it to remain to add credence to the story of "stolen pictures". 

I then went on to ask him, that if the pictures were stolen, then why hadn't he or Katie sought legal action to get them removed?? He claimed that they had issued a DMCA complaint, but that the webhost didn't comply.

I then asked him about "Anna", who is also on the Time Girl Katie site. She appears elsewhere online as "Jasmine". I never received an answer to that question, because unfortunately it seemed like RogueCyberman had had enough of being questioned, and proceeded to BLOCK me on twitter.

When you pick out the flaws in RogueCyberman's arguments, he gets very rattled, and runs away like the coward that he is.

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